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dHealth Network offers components and infrastructure for seamless execution of global healthcare use-cases and payment systems.
dHealth Roadmap


Why an IDO?

An IDO (Initial DEX Offering) is a decentralized mechanism to bring liquidity to a token. dHealth Foundation believes in the advantages of a decentralized community and has chosen Occam.Fi to facilitate the IDO.

What is DHP?

DHP (Digital Health Points) is the native token of the dHealth Network. DHP is cross-chain compatible and power the global dHealth ecosystem.

Does the IDO affect my existing DHP?

No. Your existing native DHP is unaffected and you can continue to stake.

What is the total supply of DHP?

The total supply is 2,000,000,000 DHP that are released over 12 years. Learn more here: Whitepaper

What token will be sold in the IDO?

The IDO will use ERC20 DHP. The cross-chain transfer of native DHP to ERC20 DHP is facilitated by the Occam bridge.

How can I swap between ERC20 DHP, ADA DHP, and native DHP?

Occam offers a bridge that facilitates cross-chain swaps. The bridge will support ERC20 DHP, ADA DHP, and native DHP. The bridge will be unlocked 3 months after the IDO.

Are you switching from Symbol to Cardano?

No. dHealth Network provides multiple components that utilize the strengths of different technologies. We are platform agnostic to build the strongest healthcare blockchain infrastructure. Both Symbol and Cardano play important roles in delivering the vision of a global healthcare ecosystem powered by DHP.

What is the relationship between dHealth Network and Cardano?

Cardano offers smart contract capabilities that are well suited for financial applications (see Marlowe). Most digital contracts in healthcare are related to payments and hence, we see great potential in using Cardano’s capabilities for advanced digital contracts.

What is the relationship between dHealth Network and Symbol?

dHealth Network uses the symbol protocol for its L1 infrastructure. Symbol is well suited for transactional use cases, high throughput, and plug & play capabilities for asset management.

What healthcare-specific components will be offered by dHealth Network?

dHealth Network wants to make it easy for healthcare stakeholders such as insurances, patient organizations, pharma, and medtech companies to build their specific use-cases. Therefore it offers decentralized identity, digital currency, tracking and tracing functionality, certification services, and registries. In the pipeline are links to patient-controlled health data repositories and digital contract capabilities. We also expect many more applications from an active community.
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